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Developed by industry experts, Reveal® offers a
clear aligner with enhanced clarity and a precision-fit.

A crystal-clear aligner solution
developed by industry experts

With decades of experience creating some of the world’s most innovative orthodontic appliances — Henry Schein® Orthodontics delivers Reveal, a state-of-the-art clear aligner with next-generation aesthetics, efficiency, and treatment predictability.

ClearWear™ Material

Proprietary ClearWear material offers enhanced clarity with precise force levels for comfort and speed of treatment.

Precision Fit

Reveal is manufactured with state-of-art technology for a precise-fit to help ensure predictable treatment outcomes.

Fewer Attachments Needed

Reveal is designed to reduce the need for attachments so you can offer a truly aesthetic treatment and achieve clinical efficiencies.

Optimized Trim

Designed with increased coverage at the gingival margin and smooth edges, Reveal offers reduced slippage and excellent control – further reducing the need for attachments.

Capture of Interproximal Area

The optimised trim captures maximum tooth surface area to help increase control over tooth movement.

Precise Customisation

State-of-the-art digital manufacturing process, paired with Studio Pro™ treatment-planning software, allows for precise and accurate modifications at each step of treatment.

Discover How Reveal
Differentiates Your Practice

The clear choice for patients


Reveal is uniquely clear with little to no visible lines so patients’ natural teeth shine through.

Stain Resistant

After 8 hours in coffee, Reveal kept its clarity over leading brands.

Fewer Attachments

Reveal features a precision fit and optimised trim to provide exceptional control with less attachments.

See why 96% of people chose Reveal over the leading brand.

Reveal speaks your
digital language

Reveal is compatible with most intraoral scanners, allowing you to connect your existing equipment for a familiar workflow.

Discover Reveal’s digital ecosystem — a comprehensive collection of software integrations, and compatible scanners all designed to help your practice achieve an efficient aligner workflow.

REVEAL Clinical Environment-126 1

Listen to Peer Reviews

Hear what doctors have to say about Henry Schein Orthodontics and using Reveal Clear Aligners in their practice.

“They’re virtually impossible to see from two feet away, and that’s a totally new experience.”
Dr. Dave Paquette

“Reveal is clearer. And not only that, other products seem to be scalloped with rough edges, while Reveal is smooth.”
Dr. David Ostreicher

[1] Data on file.


Become a Reveal

Adding Reveal to your practice means $0 provider fees and
the ability to leverage Henry Schein, so you can keep
billing, savings, and rep support all in one place.