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Streamlined Treatment Planning

Reveal® makes it easy to add aligner treatment into your existing workflow with dedicated tools and technical support.

An optimal aligner treatment workflow

From patient scans to aligner treatment, Reveal offers you a simple workflow that’s easy to manage
so you can effectively grow your practice with aligners.

Compatible with Your Scanner (or PVS)

The Reveal Clear Aligners system uses an open platform, making it digitally compatible with most intraoral scanners or PVS impressions, so you can use your existing equipment for additional savings and a familiar workflow.

Studio Pro™ 4.0 Software

Now available in DDX – Studio Pro 4.0 provides you with new and improved tools to visualise, modify, and share aligner treatment plans with your patients. With over 25 new and improved features, you can either customize and fine-tune tooth movement, or rely on our Reveal lab technicians to guide your full treatment plan.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

After approving the treatment plan in DDX, Reveal Aligners are manufactured using state-of-the-art processes to create precision-fit trays with minimal attachments (depending on the treatment setup).

Aligner Treatment

Your DDX lab portal allows you to keep track of patient progress and before/after files in a single cloud-based location.

Technical & Clinical Support

With aligner specialists and a dedicated rep, you’ll have support each step of the treatment planning process to ensure your clinical and digital workflow needs are covered.

Listen to Peer Reviews

Fellow dentists and orthodontists explain how they’re using Reveal to maximise clinical efficiency and aligner treatment predictability in their practice.

“I really like the ability to adjust the velocity of movement. This is a major advantage that helps with mechanics and incentivising patients!”


Dr. David Ostreicher

“Submitting aligner cases for Reveal has been easy [in the DDX Portal].”


Dr. Scott Shirk

Fully Integrated Digital Tools

Featuring a robust treatment planning software, Reveal offers practitioners a connected workflow for easy patient record management and aligner case submissions.


Reveal is compatible
with your scanner

The Reveal Clear Aligners system uses an open platform, making it digitally compatible with most intraoral scanners (or PVS impressions), so you can use your existing equipment or scanner of choice for a familiar workflow
and reduce out of pocket costs.


Treatment Planning

Built on doctor feedback, Studio ProTM 4.0 is a recently re-built platform that practitioners of all skill levels can appreciate. With over 25 new and improved features, it provides enhanced functionality to model, customise, and fine-tune tooth movement.



DDX (Digital Dental Exchange) is a free web-based platform that allows you to communicate with our aligner lab. DDX lab portal is where you’ll access Studio Pro 4.0 treatment planning software, as well as create/submit patient data for case management.


Become a Reveal

Adding Reveal to your practice means $0 provider fees and
the ability to leverage Henry Schein, so you can keep
billing, savings, and rep support all in one place.