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Aligner Success Starts Here

$0 fees, free-training, and aligner specialist rep support at each step of the onboarding process.

Get started with Reveal® in your practice

Become a Reveal Provider

Backed by Henry Schein® Orthodontics™, Reveal is transforming dental practices with added revenue and improved profitability, while improving patient smiles.

  • $0 onboarding costs / provider fees
  • Free on-demand training & rep support
  • Affordable day course to further your knowledge of aligner treatment
  • Compatibility with .STL files from any intraoral scanner or PVS impressions
  • Reveal lab technician-generated treatment plans
  • Price competitive lab fees

Join the growing network
of Reveal providers

Submit the form below to schedule your FREE training and personalised onboarding to get started with Reveal in your practice to seamlessly build treatment plans for your patients.