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Clinical Articles & eBooks

Discover Reveal’s content library and find useful clinical articles to grow your practice and knowledge of aligner treatment.

How to Maximize Your Success with Aligners​

Discover ways to become a highly successful aligner provider in this e-book and turn your practice into a profitable smile-machine.​

How to Identify Aligner-Ready Patients​

​This decision-tree infographic makes it easy for new providers to get better at asking the right qualifying questions, and quickly spotting aligner-ready patients.​

Peer-to-Peer Evaluation by Dental Product Shopper​

Find out what a team of dentists had to say about the convenience, comfort, and clarity of Reveal in this Dental Product Shopper product review.​

Additional Clinical Articles

How to Simplify Your ​Complex Aligner Cases

Achieve same-day starts & reduce aligner treatment time by correcting sagittal issues first. ​

How Patients React when

Switching to Reveal​

Dr. Paquette switched many patients from other brands of aligners to Reveal and the feedback is surprising.​

A Finest Case Study​

Dr. Chorak shares a case that used minimal attachments of a twin-patient whose sister went with another aligner brand.​

Why Dr. Trembley uses

Reveal Clear Aligners​

Hear what Dr. Trembley has to say about Reveal’s support, interface, and case results. ​

Using Reveal for “Limited Orthodontic Care”​

Hear Dr. Sandvick’s thought process on offering an aligner solution to meet his patient requests.​

Switching to Reveal from a​ “Prominent” Aligner Brand​

Dr. Eric Veenstra successfully offered aligners to his patients with a prominent brand for years.


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